Shinyribs #FSROCKS 3.15.14

Texas native Kevin Russell got his start in the biker bars that dot the highways, but has since grown roots in our darling city, Austin, TX. Best known as the frontman for The Gourds, Russell eventually yearned for something fresh and different and thus, his side project, Shinyribs was spawned. Shinyribs has since become so much more than a side project–it’s one of Austin’s most beloved local bands. The music is colorful and fun, with titles like “Poor People’s Store” and “The Song of Limejuice and Despair.” “Russell’s songs benefit from a combination of vivid characters, sly but rarely precious wordplay and a tour through a variety of roots and southern musical styles that Russell has become master-level at over the years.” Shinyribs brought their mix of Cajun folk and country to the Four Seasons–check out songs from their live set below. We have a few pictures too on Flickr.

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