Wild Child #FSRocks 3.12.14

Founding members of local indie-folk band, Wild ChildKelsey Wilson (vocals, violin) and Alexander Beggins (vocals, ukulele), started as an acoustic duo crafting bare bones, folksy love songs over shared glasses of wine and friendship. The pair have since expanded their musical family to seven, including Chris D’Annunzio (bass), Evan Magers (keys), Drew Brunetti (drums), Sadie Wolfe (cello), and James Bookert (banjo); their sound has followed the same pattern of distension.

With Pillow Talk, their freshman album, the feel is stripped down, rustic and rootsy, but the follow up record, Runaround, is anything but. Produced by local star and fan, Ben Kweller, the sound is more fleshed out, with fuller instrumentation, added hooks, and more refined feel. The band succeeds in doing what all great bands strive to do: grow and change while preserving their divine spark–the very thing that makes them, them. The Austin sweethearts kicked off our SXSW at the Four Seasons in 2014. Below are five songs performed starting at 7 a.m. plus a few pictures too on Flickr.

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