Let’s Meet: francene rouelle

Her debut album, finally a fairytale, is out NOW on mHart

On her debut album, finally a fairytale, native Austinite Francene Rouelle charts her own journey of self discovery at the end of a serious relationship. Produced by fellow Austinite and mHart label founder, waverly, the album’s seven tracks play like a masterclass in contemporary pop production. Rouelle’s unapologetically sugary sweet vocals float along waverly’s bouncy, trap/pop inspired beats. It’s a testament to the 360-degree creative vision these two artists brought to the project, and leaves us eagerly waiting for more from the mHart team.

Watch Francene Rouelle’s entire session from Studio 1A and learn more about the new music in the interview below!


finally a fairytale is the latest release from mHart

Hi, Francene! Congratulations on the new album, “finally a fairytale.” Can you tell us a little bit about the record? What do these songs mean to you? 

finally a fairytale is a true story of my heart-healing journey. Much of the inspiration came from a certain relationship that some may label “toxic” but was super helpful in my path to finding my person. I love how the songs take you through the different phases of moving on, from being too attached, to realizing they aren’t the one, to cycling back to them, to finding independence, and finally meeting the right person for you when you least expect it. 

Was this your first time recording a full-length album? What was the recording and songwriting process like? Any surprises? 

This was my first time recording a full-length album and I was surprised at how smoothly and quickly it came together. I think part of this is because I always knew what I wanted to write about if I ever got the chance to write an album. There were many songs I had written before I met Wave, my producer and manager, that will never see the light of day but they were great blueprints to the sound and story of this project. 

How did you get started making music? Was there any one thing that helped plant the seed or is this something you’ve always known you wanted to do?

My dad wrote songs for my siblings and me growing up so songwriting was always something that circulated in our family. I would always steal my dad’s recorder to write songs and host small family concerts with my sister to showcase them. I also did musical theatre starting at a young age which helped build my love for artistry and creation. 

Any early musical inspirations that have stuck with you?

I was a big Hannah Montana/Miley Cyrus fan growing up.  I also listened to a lot of musical theater, but K-pop groups such as Wonder Girls, Girls Generation, and APINK were my biggest inspirations and still have my whole heart. 

You’re a member of the local music collective and label mHart, a group of artists and producers supporting Asian American musicians in Austin. How did you get involved with them? 

I performed with my dad’s band at an Asian American festival where one of mHart’s artists, promqueen, was performing. This is when I got in contact with Waverly who has now built such an inspiring business and I am so grateful to be a part of it. Through mHart I am learning to find my voice and use my background to my advantage. I have never felt more comfortable being myself around a group of people. 

Why do you think it is important for artists to find support systems that represent their unique backgrounds and experiences? 

It was important to me because growing up I always struggled with my identity and still am struggling. Being surrounded by people with similar backgrounds has only allowed me to see my differences as a strength and not a setback. I can easily go into writing sessions ready to just bounce ideas and not have a fear of my feelings/ideas being questioned. 

You’re a native Austinite, right? Do you have a favorite Austin music experience?

I had only been in the musical theater scene up until last year so every music experience has been memorable thus far. My favorite has been the first annual “PROM” that was hosted by promqueen. Seeing everyone come together to support a new Asian American artist was empowering and it truly inspired all my future endeavors. 

Anything else you’re excited about or want us to know?

New music in the works that I am really excited about but for now “finally a fairytale” is living her best life and I am so extremely thankful for everyone who has been listening. 

Set List:

“finally a fairytale”

“oneday someday”

“what I wanted”

Album: finally a fairytale (April 19, 2024 mHart)

Musicians: Francene Rouelle – vocals; waverly – guitar; set dressing – mhart


Producer: Deidre Gott; Production Assistant: Confucius Jones; Audio Engineer: Jake Perlman, Rene Chavez; Audio Mix: Jake Perlman; Cameras: Renee Dominguez, Deborah Cannon; Edit: Deborah Cannon

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