Clap Your Hands Say Yeah 4.20.17

With chorused vocals awash in shimmering synths, the new album The Tourist from Clap Your Hands Say Yeah sounds like the most developed and mature model that indie rock has to offer. In todays day and age it’s relatively common to record, promote, press, and release an album without the help of a label. In 2005 when Alec Ounsworth released the first CYHSY album, that was unheard of. In the past 12 years online music has exploded, making a few music blog mentions mean less, but Clap Your Hands Say Yeah has endured, and for good reason. Alec has a gift that only more than a decade of experience can offer: the gift of brevity. Not a single song on his new album sounds too long, they’re all perfectly crafted to be interesting and inviting throughout the duration of the track. Clap Your Hands Say Yeah stopped by Studio 1A to show us some of the tunes on the new album ahead of their Austin show on Friday.

-James Parker


**Upcoming Shows**

4/21 – The Sidewinder w/ Laura Gibson, Doors at 8:00pm

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