A Giant Dog 8.24.17

A Giant Dog is making punk-rock for every boozehound, party animal, dark horse and lone wolf that cares to listen. Officially forged in the Austin music crucible in 2008, three of the five have been playing together since their high school days in Houston; covering AC/DC, The Ramones and highlights of the Back to the Future soundtrack at school dances. In the intervening years they’ve released four records and brought debauchery and destruction to venues all across the country. Their latest release, Toy, is their tightest work to date; it is brutally honest, unpredictably witty and always energetic. Filled with brash guitar and speedracer percussion, these tracks are defiant, raw and oh-so-delicious. The whole motley crew piled in to Studio 1A to showcase some of their devil-may-care rock n’ roll ahead of their Hotel Vegas release show. Check out the full session below, then add some bite to your bark by seeing them for yourself!

– Georgina Cook

8/26 @ Hotel Vegas (Release Show)

11/12 @ Sound on Sound

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