Aeolus Quartet and Eroica Trio at KUTX

Here in Austin, the summer of music is upon us. In addition to the high number of musical acts flocking to our city during this month of July, the 17th Annual Austin Chamber Music Festival begins July 11 and goes through the 28th and will feature the beautiful chamber music of acts from across the country in various Austin venues. We at KUTX are lucky enough to have two of the festival’s featured bands, the Aeolus Quartet and the Eroica Trio, right here in our studio this month.

On June 9th, the Aeolus Quartet played live in our Studio 1A. The quartet made up of violinists Nicholas Tavani and Rachel Shapiro, violist Gregory Luce, and cellist Alan Richardson, creates powerful and thoughtful music that has won many chamber music awards. They’ve played all over the world, and are proponents of educational music, to boot. The band has presented educational programs and performances in communities throughout Texas in collaboration with UT and the Rural Chamber Music Outreach Program, which has been very successful.

We will also have the Eroica Trio in our studio later this month on July 22 at 11 am. Pianist Erika Nickrenz, violinist Sara Parkins, and cellist Sara Sant’Ambrogio, make up the Eroica Trio, and they create personal, passionate music that makes for incredible onstage chemistry. They have been nominated for multiple Grammy awards throughout their career, and are known for having performed the Beethoven Triple Concerto more frequently than any other trio in the world. They feel so strongly about the benefits of music that they have performed at homeless shelters, senior centers, and prisons.

You can purchase tickets for the Austin Chamber Music Festival right here, and be sure to tune in to KUTX to hear these two great bands!

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