Alex Maas 3.5.19

Photo by Julia Reihs for KUTX

Alex Maas, vocalist and bassist for the Black Angels, is a force to be reckoned within a solo space. Taking a more reserved approach from his primary front man role, Alex is more refrained in song structure. However, the feeling of sincerity and openness found in Black Angels records is more present than ever. This presence is a direct product from the vulnerable writing and the elastic instrumentality Alex incorporates into his performances. It’s an undeniable momentum, which never fails at carrying the listener into a solemn yet fervent bliss.

You can catch Alex performing even more special solo material live at Barracuda, along with other phenomenal acts such as SMiiLE and previous Studio 1A performers Golden Dawn Arkestra and Moving Panoramas this Friday March 8, 2019!  See More info for the event here.

Felix Kimbrell, KUTX Intern


Alex Maas

Full Session w/ Interview

Alex Maas

Slip Into

Alex Maas

Too Much Hate

Alex Maas

All Day (Take Me to your Leader)

Written by Felix Kimbrell-KUTX Intern 

Producer: Deidre Gott

Engineer: Cliff Hargrove

FOH Mix: Jake Perlman

Host: Laurie Gallardo 

Alex Maas – “Slip Into”

Alex Maas – “Too Much Hate”

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