Best of Studio 1A

Best of Studio 1A from February 2017

2.1.17 Lizzo

Lizzo is not even close to messing around; She’s everything Lizzowe know and love about hip-hop taken to the extreme. Her clever, hard-hitting lyrics, Mavis Staples-style belting, James Brown inspired horn and guitar samples, and an unshakable groove make Lizzo a true powerhouse. Did we mention that she also has a degree in flute performance, and turned down a scholarship for graduate studies at the Paris Conservatoire to pursue her own music? Yeah, She’s the real deal. Her most recent release, “Coconut Oil,” is overflowing with hit tunes. Drawing from gospel, soul, trap, and R&B, each tune has its own voice brought to life by the undeniable force of Lizzo’s voice, stage presence, and attitude. In her own words, “I don’t need a crown to know that I’m a queen.”

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2.2.17 Ty Richards

31860445013_5c3cd5a6a6_kIs it possible for a musician to sound like they’re from 1970 and 2070 at the same time? Yes, and his name is Ty Richards. His brand new album “Zillion” has the warm vintage fuzz of 70’s psychedelic rock, and the hard edge of futuristic synth music. It sounds like Beck and Led Zepplin collaborated on an album. Richards’ fingerprints are all over this record, from writing and recording to producing and mixing, it gives it a unique sound that you wouldn’t find from big box rock acts. He’s relatively new on the scene, but he’s already creating a lot of buzz. “Spaceman,” the first single off the new record, is a true delight, groovy and danceable, but at the same time it’s profound and out of this world.

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2.7.17 Angel Olsen

“Stop pretending I’m not there / When it’s clear I’m not going anywhere” 

– from “Shut Up Kiss Me”

Angel Olsen isn’t going anywhere. A point made abundantly Angel Olson in Studio 1Aclear by her excellent new album, My Woman, released in September of 2016. Not to mention the fact that she just sold out not 1 but 2 shows at, The Mohawk, one of Austin’s biggest venues. No big surprise to those of us following her career from acoustic folk to full-throated indie rock with a penchant for biting lyrics and big guitars. Listen to her recent session from Studio 1A and hear it for yourself, because Angel Olsen isn’t going anywhere.

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2.8.17 Black Joe Lewis

If you haven’t hopped on the Black Joe Lewis bandwagon32762399006_fc3a4b254d_k yet let’s face it, it’s time. Channeling the spirits of James Brown and George Clinton, Black Joe Lewis leads a powerhouse rhythm section and driving horns that provide a funky-as-hell foundation for Lewis’ blues-inflected voice. Lewis’ new release Backlash has come a long way from his roots in the mid-2000’s Garage/Blues scene, but it becomes abundantly clear that he knows where he comes from, and knows where he wants to go. It’s funky, it’s bluesy, it’s groovy, but in the end, it’s a rock solid group of musicians wailing on some even rock solider tunes.

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2.16.17 Jesca Hoop

A song you’ve never heard comes on the radio. It kind of jesca hoopsounds like folk, but is it? It must be! Acoustic guitars, songs about lost love, nailed it. But wait, what’s this ambient reverb-driven chorus? And what’s up with all these wacky jazz chords? Why is it so wild but at the same time organic and familiar? WHAT IS HAPPENING TO ME?!?! Jesca Hoop is happening to you. Try not to enjoy it too much. Jesca Hoop’s story is just about as fascinating as her music is; born to Mormon parents, she left the religion when she was 16 and spent her youth off the grid “living under trees.” After a stint as a wilderness guide for wayward teens, she moved to LA to nanny Tom Waits’ kids. Tom and his wife Kathleen Brennan gave her space to work, and her career exploded from there. Jesca’s most recent album Memories are Now is like folk written by someone who loves Herbie Hancock and Stevie Ray Vaughan, but has an ear for the experimental in a big way.

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2.16.17 Tamarron

Austin-based five-piece psych-rock Tamarron is one for theTamarron by Thea Robinson books. Their driving, effects-laden sound is making waves on the Austin music scene, and their new EP Lets Get Out is propelling them on a month long tour ending with a showcase at SXSW. Born out of a love for the fringes of classic rock and a lucky meeting on craigslist, Tamarron’s music is like a trip down memory lane, but into the future. Don’t ask me how that works or send me angry e-mails about how time travel works, just listen to their music and you’ll know what I mean.

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2.17.17 Molly Burch

Here at KUTX, we love Molly Burch. Chances are very good32188700423_784245b96f_k you’ve heard her music on the air, we just can’t get enough of her. And even though she’s a transplant, she fits the Austin scene very well. Her voice is kind of a throwback, it’s vintage. It reminds us of the golden years of central texas music, and the more of that we get, the better. Her most recent release Please be Mine eloquently and effortlessly blends country styles with a more updated indie feel.

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2.18.17 Go Fever

Go Fever is kind of like an Austin indie super group.Go Fever promo1 Called from the depths of east Austin by frontwoman Acey MonaroSam Rives (Sweet Spirit), Benjamin Burdick (The Preservation, Star Parks), Keith Lough (Burgess Meredith), and Josh Merry (Sweet Spirit/Tear Dungeon) have made a name for themselves as a fun-loving and talented group of musicians. Their music is surf pop with an Austin tinge, maybe stand-up-paddleboard-on-town-lake pop? Not nearly as catchy, but believe us when we say that it’s a combination that’s worth checking out, imagine surfers who love Led Zepplin and can nail 3 part harmonies every time.

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2.19.17 Fever High

Born over an affinity for pop songs, harmony vocals, analog 32142448223_3d01bdb40f_ksynths, and spicy margaritas, Brooklyn-based duo Fever High is killing it right now. Multi-instrumentalists Anna Nordeen and Reni Lane have been busy touring on their 2016 release All Work, touting their tight vocal harmonies and 80’s inspired synth grooves. If your booty isn’t shaking listening to Fever High, you should maybe see a doctor to see if you still have a booty. It might be on some dance floor somewhere without you.

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2.23.17 Jens Lekman

Swedish songwriter Jens Lekman is sort of a puzzle. His Jens Lekman Evening Prayermusic channels some kind of combination of Belle and Sebastian, David Bowie, KC and the Sunshine Band, and Daft Punk, but what really sticks him out are his lyrics. They’re so intimate and conversational, it feels like we’re sitting on his couch having a drink and chatting while some seriously groovy music is playing on the stereo. Lekman has come a long way in his musical career; he got into music after being asked to play bass in a wedding cover band and now he’s touring on his recently released album Life Will See You Now.

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2.28.17 The Staves

Emily, Jessica, and Camilla Staveley-Taylor, also known as The StavesThe Staves, are bringing a whole new face to Folk music. With innovative grooves, poignant lyrics, and the sort of cohesion that can only come from siblings, The Staves can’t help but tickle your ear drums. It’s not traditional folk music by any stretch, but you can hear echoes of it underneath some of the more contemporary sounds; Synths, intricate harmonies and textures, minimalist techniques, and the three sisters’ clever word bending create a sound that is all their own, and one not to miss.

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2.28.17 Valerie June

We’re pretty smitten with Tennesee native Valerie June. 33177396245_4e0b0006ce_kNot just with her syrupy sweet southern charm but with her distinctive take on Appalachian folk music that somehow manages to be both traditional and avant-garde at once. Her masterful guitar picking dances in perfect step with her unique voice, elevating her music to more than just lyrics and melodies. There is something quasi-spiritual and life-affirming about listening to Valerie June so please allow us to share her recent session from Studio 1A.

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