Buffalo Hunt 4.29.22

Patricia Lim

Buffalo Hunt’s debut album, Ambitions of Ambiguity, feels like a journey through a musical landscape, complete with mountains and valleys, pop anthems and crooning ballads. Taking inspiration everywhere from the betrayal of adultery to adoption of Buddhist principles, Ambitions of Ambiguity tackles the pains of life and how best to go about accepting them with open arms. At first, Hunt’s bubbly personality seems to be at odds with the difficult subject matter of the album, but soon enough, it becomes obvious that her quirky humor and big smile are the antithesis to the absurd world we live in.

The solo project of actress and singer Stephanie Hunt, Buffalo Hunt has been releasing music since 2019 with her debut single, “Apple Tree.” Now, she’s released an album that displays her musical growth and maturity, unafraid to experiment with different genres and moods. At her performance in Studio 1A, Buffalo Hunt performed “Life Not on My Terms,” a song about radically embracing what we cannot change; “Which One of Us Is to Blame?”, a country-inspired waltz featuring beautiful harmonies by Alejandro Rose-Garcia; and “The Beginning,” which is supposed to make an appearance on Buffalo Hunt’s next album.

KUTX is proud to have Buffalo Hunt as April Artist of the Month. Buffalo Hunt will be performing at Lamberts tomorrow, May 11, 2022; doors at 8 pm. Click here to get your hands on some tickets. 


Band members: Barbara FG on bass; Andy Bianculli on guitar; Dorian Colbert on drums; Stephanie Hunt on vocals; Alejandro Rose-Garcia on vocals for “Which One of Us Is to Blame?”

Producer: Deidre Gott; Audio Engineer: Jake Perlman, Rene Chavez; Cameras: Michael Minasi, Patricia Lim; Renee Dominguez; Audio Mix: Rene Chavez Edit: Renee Dominguez

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