CAPYAC 7.18.19

photo by Richie Loria

With a genesis in Austin, TX, the now Los Angeles based CAPYAC is what happens when you throw French house music, jazz, funk, live dancers, and wild stage antics in a blender and press play. The ever-evolving musical act was started by two high school friends known as Potion and P. Sugz. With a rotating list of contributors including saxophonist Papa Mongoose, MC Rudi Devino, and an unsigned K-Pop singer among others, CAPYAC is constantly reinventing and reevaluating, keeping the listener guessing while always managing to pump out good beats to dance to.

With a new EP release Baby Make Money under their belts, CAPYAC are returning to Austin on July 20th to perform their newest tracks. And with live shows that range from fashion show to performance art, they’re a live act that’s not to be missed.

CAPYAC stopped by Studio 1A ahead of their show on Saturday to bring their live presence onto the radio waves and talk about what went into the making of their newest releases, the band’s transition from Austin to Los Angeles, and why they put Mayor Steve Adler on the guestlist for every show they perform.

Claire Hardwick, KUTX Intern

Upcoming Shows: CAPYAC, Being Dead, and Curved Light at Historic Scott Inn on Saturday 7/20


Host: Taylor Wallace
Audio Engineers: Cliff Hargrove, Jake Perlman
Producer: Deidre Gott
Camera: Gabriel C. Pérez, Richie Loria
Edit: Gabriel C. Pérez


Full Session w/ Interview \"Someone Real\" & \"Gold Rush\"



Bonus Track- \"Fade Out\"



Bonus Track- \"Speed Racer\"



Nothing Ever Changes



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