Cilantro Boombox @ KUTX 04.30.2015

Austin’s very own Cilantro Boombox is here to provide us with some much needed groove and swagger.

Started in 2010 as a one-off collaboration that turned into full-fledged project, Cilantro Boombox infuse Latin and Venezuelan rhythms with rap, reggae, jazz, funk, disco, and electro, creating an infectious joy that, we can attest, will have you up on your feet no matter the time. The band’s self-titled debut release was a melodic seduction, with “stratospheres of electro-organic sound fragrance and liquid orange sunset waves of syncopation and slinky grooves.” Their follow-up release “Fears Away” continues this assuredly funky call to dance with breezy flutes and energetic trumpets.

You can see Cilantro Boombox performing live tomorrow night, May 1st, at the Sahara Lounge and you can stream their music right here on KUTX.

Leyla Aksu

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