Cordova Quartet @ KUTX 07.01.2015

Cordova Quartet aim bring the world of classical music to audiences, both young and old.

Formed in 2013 at Rice University, Cordova Quartet features Andy Liang and Niccoló Muti on violin, Blake Turner on viola, and Matt Kufchak on cello. The group has performed all across the country, while simultaneously doing their utmost for community engagement and education, working towards the demystification of classical music and the creative process through continuous presentations, workshops, seminars, open rehearsals, and masterclasses. Cordova Quartet stopped by Studio1A for a dramatic performance, and they will be playing all across Austin throughout the coming month.

The group will be playing at Austin Chamber Music Center‘s Summer Festival on July 8th with a program comprised of pieces by Haydn and Mendelssohn, and you can stream their music right here on KUTX.

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