Courtney Marie Andrews 9.6.18

Courtney Marie Andrews cultivates a melting pot of gospel roots and Seattle blues, that will leave you captivated. Her soulful vocals take us on a journey of warmth and an unguarded longing for love. Andrew’s latest album titled May Your Kindness Remain reaffirms her Americana style and includes organ and a folk-rock guitar, all while carried alongside her melodic voice. She graced us at Studio 1A with three songs off her latest album including Two Cold Nights, which comments on a lost sense of unity in 21st century America. You can dive deeper into her thoughtful lyrics and mind through our interview below!


Host: Laurie Gallardo
Engineer: Jake Perlman
Producer: Deidre Gott
Video Edit: Julia Reihs, Salvador Castro
Camera: Salvador Castro, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon, Emree Weaver

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