Dan Dyer 4.26.2016

The soul of Texas could be described in many ways, if you were looking for someone that epitomizes it through storytelling and song, look no further than, Dan Dyer. Born in Tool, Texas and getting his start in San Marcos, Dan Dyer brings a genuine sound to his music, one bred in soul, folk and country. Melding these three genres, Dyer intertwines his storytelling with his gravelly gospel vocals and smooth strumming of his guitar that forms into a flowing unified sound, one that sounds distinctly like Texas.

Dan Dyer stopped by Studio 1A and played a set of his music for us. Dyer will be performing Sunday, May 1st, at the Art City Austin Festivalhosted by, Art Alliance Austin at the Palmer Events Center, so make sure to get tickets while they’re available. If you missed his studio performance, don’t sweat, you can stream it right here, on KUTX.

-Andrew Conroy

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