Dr. Dog 4.8.16

Dr. Dog’s oddball psychedelic rock is finally back with a new album, well, kinda. Like the Sam Raimi’s palimpsest, Evil Dead II, the ninth record by the Philadelphia-based sextet is a return and reworking of an earlier creation. The original The Psychedelic Swamp was the unreleased debut LP recorded by Scott McMicken and Toby Leaman in their basement rehearsal space before they were even called Dr. Dog. Fifteen years later, the resurrected record is as high quality as one has come to expect from the group.  Time has developed the the flavor of their nascent sounds, and a decade and a half of experience has honed their sound sculpting craft. As unusual as a project it may be, it makes sense for a band like Dr. Dog whose brilliance lies as much in their effervescent textures as it does in their skillful songwriting.

Dr. Dog came into Studio 1A and played a short set in front of a small audience of KUTX concert club members. Check out the recorded session at the bottom of the page. We’d recommend their two Stubb’s shows this weekend too, but its already sold out!


–Ryan Wen

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