Dungen 4.29.16

Swedish rock band Dungen found their way to Studio 1A after their gig at Levitation Fest was cancelled due to dangerous weather. Bad news for the band and the festival but a major score for us. Founded during the Swedish psych/prog rock revival of the early 2000s, Dungen continues to pay homage to the genre on their newest album, Allas Sak, with non-stop drum fills and ample flute solos. This might sound like a recipe for dated, cheesy, experimental rock ‘n’ roll, but not in the hands of founder and chief songwriter Gustav Ejstes. Over the course of 8 studio albums, Ejstes and his now core collaborators, guitarist Reine Fiske, drummer Johan Holmegard, and bassist Mattias Gustavsson have perfected a playful mixture of psych, prog, and pop that has become their calling card.

Check out Dungen’s performance from Studio 1A at the bottom of this post.

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