Eimaral Sol 2.11.20

photo by Julia Reihs

Texas-based R&B artist Eimaral Sol commences her debut album, 2019’s Sol Soliloquies, with a powerful self-affirming mantra, singing, “According to the stars, it’s still my time,” on the opening track, “Sunflower.” But even if there’s some act of fate at play, Sol is clearly in charge of her own destiny — and her time has just begun. Eimaral Sol is the work of singer Laramie Pouncy — Eimaral is Laramie spelled backward — who cultivates a unique sound reminiscent of Jhené Aiko and Lauryn Hill. She grounds her music with her values and vulnerability, creating a compelling and authentic narrative. Her brand of neo-soul is optimistic without dipping into the saccharine; she acknowledges her struggles but is more concerned with what growth they provoked. Sol wrote and composed Sol Soliloquies with production help from Russell Guess, and the album showcases her artistic range as she glides effortlessly from futuristic beats to luminous soul vocals. The result is an eclectic collection of songs that sees Sol wearing her heart on her sleeve as she works through her anxieties and reflects on her journey to catchy doo-wop beats. Above all, Sol emphasizes the power of connectivity, and her voice is a guiding light of encouragement letting her listeners know that she’s got their back.

Eimaral Sol will be performing at the 2nd Annual Love Lockdown concert at Stubb’s Bar-B-Q on February 13 with Jake Lloyd, Jay Wile and arya.

— Annie Lyons, KUTX Intern



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