Helio Sequence @ KUTX 06.09.2015

Helio Sequence are known for their rich morsels of indie rock.

Comprised of Brandon Summers and Benjamin Weikel, Helio Sequence has been playing together since the mid-90’s, creating a sound peppered with electronic and psychedelic flourishes, skirting the edges of rock and pop. The duo released their sixth and self-titled album this May, inspired by the “20-Song Game” in which artists record all day with the aim of creating 20 full songs. The band’s recording sessions resulted in 26 new tracks which were sent to friends for a vote; the top 10 ending up on the final cut and those left behind finding their way onto an accompanying set of demos. The final cut is a melodically driven and catchy collection of songs, its soaring vocals embedded within a dreamy atmosphere built from engulfing guitars and drums. The co-released Sunrise Demos provides a swirling accompaniment that offers a glimpse into their recording process and reverberates with a warm buzz.

You can stream Helio Sequence’s music right here on KUTX.

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