Hovvdy 10.17.19

Charlie Martin and Will Taylor, otherwise known under the moniker Hovvdy (pronounced “howdy”), have been capturing listeners with their cozy slow rock since 2014. Five years, two albums, and two split releases later, the Austin-based duo is ready to expand their definitive “recorded-on-voice-memos” style to include brighter melodies and succinct production with their third album, Heavy Lifter. Although the Austinites are venturing towards a more lighthearted sound, mentioning that they’re slowly warming up to pop influence in their music, the comforting nostalgia is ever-present.

The Austin natives visited Studio 1A ahead of their album release show and tour kickoff at Antone’s on October 18th. Listen to the live performance below!

Host: Taylor Wallace
Audio: Cliff Hargrove
Producer: Deidre Gott
Cameras: Julia Reihs, Nadia Elchmaissani




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