Israel Nash Revisits His Roots On “Ozarker”

Israel Nash shares music from the new album in Studio 1A

Israel Nash in Studio 1A w/ Jody Denberg

Being unable to discern exactly when a track was recorded is often the mark of a good song, one that takes you out of the present and places you in some time not your own. For Missouri-born, Dripping Springs-based rocker Israel Nash, this timeless quality has become a trademark.

On his newest album, Ozarker, Nash’s time machine is in full effect, with the dial set firmly to the 1970s. On the Beach-era Neil Young trades guitar licks with Bob Seger’s classic rock arrangements, making you reach for that fringed jacket in the back of the closet. And, like Seger’s nostalgic hot summer nights, Ozarker addresses the pain and pleasure that comes with revisiting your past. 

Named after the rural residents of his native Missouri, the title track paints the picture of young lovers making futile future plans despite the world trying to keep them apart. It’s a common story made poignant by Nash’s use of freewheeling choruses and soaring guitars (from fellow Austinite Curtis Roush of The Bright Light Social Hour). 

Get a sneak peek at the new music with Nash’s recent visit to Studio 1A. Ozarker is out this Friday, October 20, and you can catch him performing with friend Walker Lukens (who plays bass on this 1A session) at the Paramount on December 15


Set List:

“Can’t Stop”


“Roman Candle”

“Rain Plans”

Album: Ozarker (Desert Folklore)

Musicians: Israel Nash – vocals, guitar; Walker Lukens – guitar; Curtis Rousch – guitar, Ed Jarusinsky – drums, Eric Swanson, keys/pedal steel

Credits: Producer: Deidre Gott; Production Assistant: Confucius Jones; Audio Engineer: Jake Perlman; Audio Mix: Rene Chavez, Jake Perlman; Cameras: Renee Dominguez, Nastassja Collak, Ivy Fowler; Edit: Renee Dominguez; Host: Jody Denberg

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