J.S. Ondara 11.05.18

J.S. Ondara grew up in Nairobi, Kenya yet, he always had a love for American alternative music. He would write and produce his own songs throughout his childhood and continued into his adult years. Inspired by the works of Bob Dylan, he would move to Minneapolis in order to nurture his musical pursuits. He wrote songs depicting the cultural differences he experienced in a place so far from home and the perspective of an immigrant pushing for his dreams. He challenges the notions of the often romanticized “American Dream”. Ondara decorates his genuine lyricism and story-telling with an acoustic guitar and a subtle full-band accompaniment.  His alt-rock sound is often mixed with folk undertones, for a pleasant melancholy sound. His guiding feature is his strong, tuneful voice that pulls listeners in.

J.S. Ondara’s debut album is titled Tales of America and is due to be released February 1st with Verve Records.


Broadcast Credits:
Host: Jay Trachtenberg
Producer: Deidre Gott
Broadcast Engineer: Jake Perlman, Cliff Hargrove
Camera: Gabriel C. Pérez, Jorge Sanhueza Lyon 

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