Joe Ely 2.10.17

If you’re thinking about the golden years of the Austin music scene, what names come to mind? Whoever you’re thinking of, no list would be complete without the indomitable Joe Ely. From his early career working with The Flatlanders to his more recent acoustic tours with Lyle Lovett and Guy Clark, Ely has a long and storied career in central Texas. He even was good friends with the boys from The Clash, inspiring the English punk legends to include the lyric “Well there ain’t no better blend than Joe Ely and his Texas Men” in their tune “If Music Could Talk.” He was one of the first musicians to blend the grit of rock and roll with the lilting melodies of country music and the sheer poetry of folk music, a blend that changed American music forever. I’d be surprised if you’re even still reading this; you either know all of this already or are on your way to pick up a few of his numerous albums. Joe Ely stopped by Studio 1A to give us a preview of his birthday concert, which was out of this world. Check it out below!

– James Parker

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Run Little Pony

Joe Ely in Studio 1A 2/10/17

Up On The Ridge

Joe Ely in Studio 1A 2/10/17

Borderless Love

Joe Ely in Studio 1A 2/10/17

Full Session w/ Interview

Joe Ely in Studio 1A 2/10/17

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