Johnny Marr 10.11.18

Photo by Hannah Edelman

Many are calling Johnny Marr’s newest release his best solo album yet. Call The Comet finally arrived this past summer after a long four years since the release of his last album Playland. This time, Marr places us in an alternative society of a not-too-far future where those under the current administration are no longer in power. Marr does not necessarily consider Call The Comet to be a concept album, he tells us, but admits that the recent political climate was a big influence thematically. In our interview Marr explains how creating a utopian-like society was the perfect form of escapism during the eerie times of Brexit and the 2016 U.S. presidential election. Being considered one of the world’s best guitarists is a hell of a title to live up to, but the jangle pop guitar style we all know and love doesn’t stop Marr from letting the keys and drum machine take the spotlight here and there. With a little bit of blues guitar, some sonic loops, and a few carefully placed loose funk riffs, this piece has something for every type of fan to enjoy. You can find Johnny Marr’s Studio 1A session below, so check it out!

– Meagan Otten


Host: Jay Trachtenberg
Producer: Deidre Gott
Broadcast Engineer: Cliff Hargrove, Jake Perlman
Camera: Gabriel C. Pérez, Hannah Edelman, Jenan Taha


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