Julia Jacklin 5.8.17

Julia Jacklin thought she was going to be a social worker. When she ended up taking that desire to connect with others in a different direction, we didn’t complain. Hailing from the mountains outside of Sydney, she was inspired by the powerhouse of vitality and youth that brought most of us such incredible joy in the 90’s: Britney Spears. After she compared her 10-year-old self to that of the 12-year-old Britney, she found herself wanting and quickly signed up for singing lessons. Shortly after that, she started a band singing Evanescence covers, and the rest is history. These days she’s a little bit more Bob Dylan than Avril Lavigne, but her musical roots make sense after listening to her debut album that came out last year, Don’t Let the Kids Win. It’s personal and introspective, but with a softer and more focused energy than you might expect. Julia stopped by Studio 1A to show us some of her favorite tracks off the record, check it out below!

– James Parker

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