Kupira Marimba at KUTX 6.5.13

Kupira Marimba is the latest musical project of Rattletree founder, Joel Laviolette. While Rattletree has been increasingly incorporating electronica in their music, Kupira Marimba is a purely traditional Zimbabwean style marimba band. They play ancient and sacred music of the Shona people of Zimbabwe as well as high-energy booty-shaking grooves. This is dance medicine for the whole world! The band stopped by our studio earlier today. Take a listen to this on-air dance party led by Kupira Marimba – right here on KUTX!

If you want to get more marimba music you can find Kupira Marimba HERE:

Kupira Marimba Live at Central Market on Friday June 7th. 6:30-9PM and FREE. All ages welcome.

The grand opening of the Rattletree School of Marimba, which Joel Laviolette opened in January. A school dedicated to teaching traditional African marimba music to adults and kids. We recently won the Esme Barrera award for Music Activism and Education, and we’re super excited to get lots of new people into the school!


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