Lincoln Durham 8.25.16

Lincoln Durham describes his music as a “Southern-Gothic Psycho-Blues Revival-Punk One-Man-Band”. We might go for Bayou-Noir Gutter-Blues Roots-Punk One-Man-Band, but that’s just us. The point is that Durham’s sound is almost impossible to nail down. Songs like “Bleed Until You Die” are able to combine the best kind of White Stripes guitar and drum freakout and seriously scary spoken word poetry in a way that leaves you deliciously uncomfortable. That prevailing sense of discord permeates more than just the lyrics, his ability to play familiar instruments with such ferocious energy, not to mention seriously funky tuning, creates a sound that seems to wrestle with the shadows that surround him.

So go ahead and get to your safe place and dig in to Lincoln Durham’s session from Studio 1A. You can also catch him playing in Zilker Park for the 2nd weekend of the ACL Fest. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.

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