Los TexManiacs 7.15.16

Los TexManiacs founder and bajo sexto wizard, Max Baca, was once asked by a curious fan, “Why are you playing a pregnant guitar?” Sometimes called the grizzly bear of all guitars, the bajo sexto is the latin cousin of the 12-string acoustic guitar and an irreplaceable part of the Tex-Mex sound that Los TexManiacs embody. However, Baca and his band put a new spin on the roots, adding jazz, rock & roll, and country to the mix. It’s a little bit of a risk messing with traditional music even just a little bit (look at what happened to Bob Dylan at the 1965 Newport Folk Festival). But Los TexManiacs brand of Tex-Mex have been met with nothing but praise since the beginning, they even won a grammy for best Tejano album for Borders y Bailes in 2010.

Although Max Baca was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico, he has more than established his Texas cred at this point. If the grammy isn’t proof enough, consider how he got his start: playing with Texas legend Flaco Jiménez with arguably the greatest Tex-Mex band of all time, the Texas Tornados. Baca has also earned the respect of other Texas luminaries like Alejandro Escovedo, Rick Trevino, and Kevin Fowler, all of whom appear with Los TexManiacs on their last record Americano Groove. We could keep raining much deserved praise on the San Antonio crew, but the music more than speaks for itself–check it out at the bottom of the page.


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