Moving Panoramas 2.19.19

They say home is where the heart is and, for Leslie Sisson, that home is Texas. After living in Brooklyn, the songwriter moved back to her home state to be near her family and not long after Moving Panoramas was formed. Their second album, In Two, is out Feb 22 and embodies the next chapter for the group as they move forward with life. All the songs on the record have a duality of meaning that allows the listener to interpret it as they will. Their dreamy rock sound gives voice to the hardships life can bring but always offers a way to overcome the demons that haunt us. Deep stuff, we know. Leading up to their album release show Friday, Moving Panoramas stopped by Studio 1a to give us a taste of the new album in a KUTX After Hours session.



Written by Simone Puglia-KUTX Intern

Host: Ryan Wen 

Producer: Deidre Gott                                                                           

Broadcast Engineer: Jake Perlman & Cliff Hargrove                                                       

Cameras:  Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon & Precious Parker

Editing: Julia Reihs

Photo by Precious Parker for KUTX                           

Moving Panoramas

Full Interview

Moving Panoramas

Baby Blues

Moving Panoramas

Forever Gone

Moving Panoramas

Off Air Set

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