Ola Podrida at KUTX 5.7.13

Ola Podrida

Ola Podrida was born in 2005, the creation and brainchild of composer David Wingo, who had recently returned to his native Texas from New York. Having played various instruments all his life, and even composed several film scores, he’d yet to perform as a singer-songwriter, so that’s what he set out to do with Ola Podrida. Over time, the project has grown from just Wingo to a full band. The band has shared the stage with artists like Fleet Foxes, She & Him, Beach House, and many others. The lineup has changed over the years, and the band has fluctuated back and forth between being a band and just being David Wingo. But no matter the lineup, Wingo’s soaring, almost visual songwriting remains constant. Last week, Ola Podrida released a new album, Ghosts Go Blind.

Having just kicked off their spring tour in support of the new album, Ola Podrida was in Studio 1a today, recording a live session for KUTX. Here it is!

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