Operators 4.13.16

With the inundation of brushed silver laptops in recent synth pop productions, Los Angeles’ Operators put the ghost back in the machine with an auricular injection of analog synths and gadgets. Hey, there’s no denying the impact and importance of the computer as a production tool and instrument on today’s musicscape , but Operator’s draw their sound from an earlier kind of electronic music. They sound like that moment when a corner 1970’s punk broke off and mutated into new-wave–Depeche Mode comes to mind. Another punk mutation present are the Gang of Four era post-punk bass grooves and occasional stuttering electric guitar licks. Add the repetitious grooves of modern electronic dance music, and you have a recipe for a potent contagion. Symptoms include lip-biting and compulsive booty-shaking.


–Ryan Wen

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