Palehound 11.04.19

Currently supporting Big Thief on their national tour, Boston trio Palehound is making waves with their latest release, Black Friday. Acclaimed by fans and critics alike, the group’s third full-length album led by singer-songwriter Ellen Kempner centers on a meditation of love, gender, body image, and self-acceptance. The relatability and empowering subject matter imbued with Palehound’s intimate vocals and intricate guitar leave fans exhilarated and inspired, proving Ellen Kempner has established herself as a prolific and distinguished voice in indie rock.

The east coast powerhouse played some songs for our concert club and discussed their latest album and touring with Big Thief with KUTX host Laurie Gallardo. Listen to the live performance below!

Written by Emily Gruner/KUTX

Host: Laurie Gallardo

Audio: Cliff Hargrove

Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

Edit: Gabriel C. Pérez,

Producer: Deidre Gott





Full Session with Interview

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