Phosphorescent 11.09.18

Photo by Hannah Edelman

C’est La Vie is Matthew Houck’s first LP since 2013’s Mucacho, and he has had plenty of new life experiences to reflect on since its release: leaving Brooklyn for Nashville, a new marriage, and parenthood. In the past, Houck has mostly resisted letting his personal life take a part of the Phosphorescent narrative, but this time he decided it was time to embrace his life changes. Many of the songs on this new album focus heavily on life and death. One track begins as a love song for his son but quickly shifts to a realization that every parent has: there will come a time when they will have to part. Houck asks himself, “Just what in heaven would I do?/Just walk around and look for you.” On another track, Houck examines the hard fact that his daughter is just as vulnerable to the passage of time as anyone else. Musically, Houck drives the album with that familiar Americana sound we all know and love, carefully placing touches of steel pedal to create a moody yet peaceful feeling as he uncovers more about his new life. Phosphorescent topped Studio 1A during his tour to give us a taste of his new work. Check out our full session and interview below!


Broadcast Credits:
Host: Elizabeth McQueen
Producer: Deidre Gott
Broadcast Engineer: Jake Perlman, Cliff Hargrove
Cameras: Hannah Edelman, Emree Weaver, Salvador Castro, Jorge Sanhueza-Lyon

Edit: Emree Weaver

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