Poor Moon @ KUT 10/29/12

Poor Moon is a band comprised of longtime friends Christian Wargo, Casey Wescott, and brothers Ian and Peter Murray. And Poor Moon is the title of their full-length debut. But before there was a band or a record, there was the music, a series of songs forged by Christian Wargo over a period of several years. That’s one of the things that makes Poor Moon sound so special: this band grew out of the songs, not vice-versa. The band has an affinity for warm, earthy tones that can make their music sound deceptively simple. Assorted timbres decorate their songs — marimba, harpsichord, fretless zither — but this isn’t everything-but-the-kitchen-sink arranging. Whatever the instrumentation, the sense of choosing the right tool for the job always prevails. Thoughtful, impassioned vocal harmonies further reinforce the myriad musical bonds at play. On Monday night, Poor Moon will play a show in town at the Mohawk. They stopped by Studio 1a to play live on KUT. Check it out RIGHT HERE!
[audio:http://kut.org/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/121029-POOR-MOON.mp3|titles=121029 POOR MOON]

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