Possessed by Paul James 1.28.20

Photo courtesy of Possessed by Paul James

Local Texan Konrad Wert, better known as Possessed by Paul James, has been keeping quiet since his 2013 breakout There Will Be Nights When I’m Lonely. His silence, however, has been busy. Aside from writing and recording new music, Wert has also continued working as a special education teacher in Texas Hill County. For him, music and education blend together into a special serum suited to fight against the complications and hardships of life. During his hiatus, Wert underwent two vocal cord surgeries, delaying his ability to release and perform new material. He returns to the music world on January 31 with his newest album As We Go Wandering.  You can now stream two singles, “Be at Rest” and “When It Breaks.” These are weary songs for weary souls, and Wert has a knack for wrapping up a chunk of truth in the brown parchment paper of his piercing folk.

The Cactus Cafe will host the sold-out release party for As We Go Wandering on January 31.

– Cole Hunt/KUTX Intern


Possessed by Paul James in Studio 1A

Full Session with Interview

Host: Laurie Gallardo

Audio Engineer: Cliff Hargrove

Producer: Deidre Gott

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