Pulkingham Layne is the nylon string acoustic instrumental guitar project of Darin Layne and David Pulkingham. Both artists are top-notch performers, whose careers have placed them on stages around the world with luminaries ranging from Moby to Bruce Springsteen. Their second album, “Stringology” (August 2017), is in turns giddy, with playfulness and heartbreaking in sweet sadness. The 11 tracks on “Stringology” traverse styles from Brazilian Choro to Jazz to Classical, with nods to Flamenco and Klezmer music. PulkinghamLayne is a heartfelt expression of joy in music and camaraderie from two world-class players who have every intention of moving the listener. Listen to their session from Studio 1A in the player at the bottom of the post or see them live this Thursday, August 31 at 8 p.m.

 – from Cactus Cafe


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