Saint Rich at KUTX 2.22.14

Musicians, Steven Marion and Christian Peslak have a long history together in various configurations, including their involvement in highly acclaimed indie band, Delicate Steve. Recently the duo have taken on a new project they call, Saint Rich. Messing around during a break from tour, the pair composed songs they liked, but didn’t seem to fit the feel of Delicate Steve. Thus, the duo adopted the moniker, Saint Rich and released, Beyond the Drone in the fall of 2013. Fans of Delicate Steve should not expect the same instrumentally-driven and experimental sound, instead this album is a beautiful indie-rock and folk mash-up. The upstate New Jersey-based duo sculpted the album in the suburbs, but the spirit that shines through is all country. It’s a lovely departure of  melodic folk songs, layered with Peslak’s honey-combed voice and some unexpected and interesting guitar twists. Listen to a recording of their performance with us RIGHT HERE!

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