Saintseneca 1.22.16

Describing Saintseneca’s music with any degree of specificity is an exercise in ineffectual communication. That said, Zac Little, the only persistent member of Saintseneca’s fluid lineup, blends folk music from around the world with an acoustically driven indie rock sound. Known for employing a wide range of “folk” instruments (balalaika, dulcimer, bajo sexto, and bouzouki to name a few), Saintseneca effortlessly inhabits many seemingly incongruous sonic environments. Their latest record Such Things’ instrumentation is a little more conservative than their previous recordings, utilizing the international timbres primarily to color a more conventional rock lineup. However, Saintseneca’s slightly new approach is just as compelling, if not more, than any of their earlier work.

Zac Little and the latest incarnation of Saintseneca, including Maryn Jones on bass and synth, Jon Meador on guitar and synth, Steve Clolek on guitar, and Matt O’Ronke on Drums joined us at Studio 1A on January 22nd and played a few songs from Such Things. Listen to the recording and watch the video here.

–Ryan Wen

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