Sir Woman 3.23.22

Michael Minasi

Have you forgotten how to party? You know, like gathering with a group of people you may not know, taking social risks, beginning new friendships, and creating desire lines with your dance moves in a stranger’s backyard? Well when you’re ready, Sir Woman could usher you back into the party life.

Two years ago Kelsey Wilson’s (Wild Child, Glorietta) Sir Woman was just about to turn the lights on with their debut before the power was cut. Cruel irony put Party City on hold for the Bitch EP, and the reimagined debut is a better record for reflection on Sunday after the party–a more appropriate vibe for Fall of 2020. However, the debut full-length Sir Woman is almost here, releasing on April 20th via Nine Mile Records, and judging by their recent performance in Studio 1A the good feelings put on the shelf have ripened to perfection. See for yourself.

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Album: Sir Woman out on April 20th

Label: Nine Mile Records

Set List:

“All I Need”
“Get What You Want”
“Blame It On the Water”

Musicians: Kelsey Wilson, Vocals; Spice – backup vocals; Roy – backup vocals; Lunar Rae – drums; Taylor Craft – bass; Dan Creamer – keys; Cat Clemons – guitar; Sterling – sax

Engineer: Rene Chavez, Jake Perlman; Producer: Deidre Gott; Cameras: Gabriel C. Pérez, Patricia Lim, Sheryl Wong; Video Edit: Michael Minasi

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