Sondre Lerche 5.10.17

There’s something in the water (snow?) in the Nordic countries. From ABBA and A-Ha to Björk and Sigur Rós, it’s hard to call the sheer volume of amazing artists coming out of one small region a coincidence. So it’s no coincidence that Sondre Lerche is stealing our hearts, one song at a time. Sondre grew up in a suburb of Bergen, Norway in the heyday of synth-driven pop music: the 80’s. He started taking guitar lessons at the age of 8, and when classical music didn’t strike his fancy his teacher showed him some Brazillian bossa nova tunes, and he was hooked. Last March Sondre released his 8th studio album, Pleasure, and those influences are clear. The songs are glimmering, driving pop tunes featuring an arsenal of finely tuned synth sounds, but with a rhythmic, harmonic, and melodic complexity heavily reminiscent of Brazillian sambas and bossas that make for a unique and fascinating combination. Sondre stopped by Studio 1A on his world tour, check out his session below!

– James Parker

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