Stary Olsa 3.21.17

Upon first glance, Medieval Belarusian Folk band Stary Olsa is like nothing we’ve ever seen. Upon first listen, they’re like nothing we’ve ever heard. Upon first smell, they smell pretty normal, but their music is out of this world. Eastern European music is pretty unfamiliar to us in the west, but even so, Stary Olsa brings a new vitality and energy to music that is, in it’s nature, more than 300 years old. Their goal with this project is to recreate the musical traditions of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, of which Belarus was the cultural and political capital for 500 years. Even if you don’t think you’ll like a group of Eastern European folks playing traditional medieval instruments, you probably will. Stary Olsa is the real deal, and they’re not to be missed. Check out their Studio 1A session below.

– James Parker

**Upcoming Shows**

3/25-26 Sherwood Forest Faire

3/28 Flamingo Cantina, 8:30 pm

3/31 Russian House, 9pm

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