Stephen Doster @ KUTX 02.13.15

Songwriter and guitarist Stephen Doster has been a constant presence in the Austin music scene for many years.

Starting in the early ’80’s, Doster has only just a few studio releases to his name thus far, however, he has worked with and been credited by the likes of Lyle Lovett, Will Sexton, Nanci Griffith, Willie Nelson, Dr. John, Charlie Sexton, Stevie Ray Vaughan, and Joe Cocker, making a career out of producing, writing songs, and performing live. His latest album Arizona, coming eighteen years after his last release, is full of various characters, chronicling their search for a place to call home. A stream of rich and melodic rock ‘n’ roll, his stories flow with masterful clarity, his guitar and vocals consistently heading the march. Playing with a band including veterans like Dony Wynn on drums, George Rieff on bass, and Kevin Lovejoy on piano and keyboards, Doster himself has called the album “the record I always hoped I would make.”

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