Suzanna Choffel 5.8.17

It’s always interesting to take a close look at the careers of longtime Austin musicians to see where their roots are, what roads they’ve traveled, and where they are now. Suzanna Choffel has one of the more interesting stories we’ve come across. Named after a Leonard Cohen song and born right here in Austin, Suzanna began her career in Austin as part of an R&B group. From there she moved into blues jams, being inspired by Patty Griffin and eventually the rhythmic guitar stylings of Peter Tosh before moving on to various latin rock and hip-hop/jazz fusion groups. From all that she’s somehow made it to some unknowable coagulation of all of these things; we don’t know what to call it, but whatever it is, we love. it. Suzanna has a new album coming out this week called Hello Goodbye. It’s a series of reflections on major life events, everything from returning home to Austin after 3 years in New York to the birth of her first child. They’re personal songs, but with an accessible feel that makes the listener feel welcome in Suzanna’s world. Suzanna Choffel dropped by Studio 1A to preview some of the tunes on the album, check it out below!

James Parker

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