T-Rextasy 8.21.18

Sugarcoated vocals, catchy pop-punk grooves, and sarcastic swagger are how New York’s T-Rextasy (not to be confused with T.Rextasy, the cover band of Marc Brolan and crew’s glam rock) dress their music, but like Seattle’s Tacocat and Chastity Belt, the NY four-piece wield humor, wit, and pop music to address serious feminist themes. It’s scathing satire in a bubble gum wrapper that’ll have you laughing out loud before you furrow your brow at the all too true subtext of their lyrics.

Nonetheless, their live performances are just as fun as their sound, and if you missed their show at Cheer Up Charlie’s earlier this week you can check out their performance here in Studio 1A below!

-Ryan Wen


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