The Forgotten Prophets 2.7.17

If a lot of acts today are considered genre-bending, The Forgotten Prophets are tying genres in knots using only their tongues, while doing backflips through flaming hoops over shark-infested waters. James Anderson (violin), Chris Bell (guitars), Jonathan Geer (piano, keyboards), Aaron Lack (drums, percussion), Pat Harris (bass), and Steve Schwelling (drums, percussion) put a focus on blending classical and popular music in a way that will make everyone want to listen. Part of the reason that they can pull that off is because they’re all ridiculously talented; each member has at least one degree in music, and have they’ve all been playing music in Austin for decades. The Forgotten Prophets came into Studio 1A to show us some of their new stuff, check it out below!

– James Parker

**Upcoming Shows**

2/12 REVEL Unclassified @ 4th Tap Brewing Company, noon.

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