The Invincible Czars @ KUT 12/13/12

Calling Austin band The Invincible Czars “eclectic” or “quirky” is taking the easy way out. The band embodies those words too perfectly, and it sort of takes the fun out of trying to describe them. The Invincible Czars not only write and create their own music, which pulls from all sorts of genres and influences, but the group also has been known to take, rearrange, and repurpose classical standards. This past year, the band took on Tchaivosky’s 1812 Overture. The band has also been know to perform the Nutcracker Suite, especially around this time of year. That’s exactly what they’ll be doing at their show this Sunday at the Scottish Rite Theater. You can hear The Invincible Czars live on KUT below:


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