The Lovely Sparrows 12.10.18

photo by: Julia Reihs

The Lovely Sparrows have always been a transmigratory band. What started in the 00’s as a ragged combination of Sonic Youth fuzz and Guided By Voices verbosity has blossomed over the years into a homespun, obtuse project for Austin-based songwriter Shawn Jones.

The Lovely Sparrows second LP Shake the Shadow arrived this November after a seven-year hibernation. A delay largely in part to Jones’ exodus from Austin to the woods just outside of Lockhart, TX- to rebuild an old house, and regain his bearings. During this time, Jones quit teaching, returned to grad school to pursue Music Composition- and immersed himself in the works of Bartok, Eno, Ives, and Reich while simultaneously co-developing a magical realist video game. The songs, in turn, became looser, more of a sound collage than before, as a reflection of these blurring influences and tastes.


12/13 @ Barracuda (Album Release Party)


Host: Laurie Gallardo

Producer: Deidre Gott

Cameras: Julia Reihs, Salvador Castro

Edit: Julia Reihs

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