The Rocketboys at KUTX 10.22.13

Austin quartet The Rocketboys are making waves in this city’s music scene these days, though the road to get there wasn’t easy. When half of the band departed in 2011, the remaining members had to make a choice. Inspired by the Mother Theresa quote, “What you spend years building someone could destroy overnight: build anyway,” they forged ahead, releasing their second full-length album Build Anyway, a follow-up to 2009’s 20,000 Ghosts. Lead singer Brandon Kinder sings the band’s heartfelt indie rock tunes beautifully, and the songs are complete with catchy hooks and infectious melodies.

The Rocketboys are part of KUTX’s Umami Mia Pizzeria concert series, where you can come hear free live music every Sunday, and they play on October 27! The band, including Kinder, Justin Wiseman, Josh Campbell, and Josh Rogers, also stopped by our studio on this past Tuesday, and you can check out their set right here!


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