Walker Lukens at KUTX 4.1.13

Walker Lukens

Armed with a guitar and a loop station, singer-songwriter Walker Lukens moved between Houston, Georgetown, New York, Toulouse (yes, the one in France), and countless other places both in and out of this country, before finally settling in Austin. That sense of wandering and exploration creeps its way into his upcoming album, Devoted, which is due out on April 2nd. Lukens has also done a lot of exploration in terms of musical styles and genre. His earlier work stays firmly in the folk/blues camp, while his Year of the Dog EP (released last year) saw a liberal use of his loop station to create some almost R&B-like tunes. If anything can be learned from the first single of the album, “Dear Someone,” which KUTX featured as Song of the Day last month, the new album will strike a balance between the two styles.

Walker Lukens will play a CD release show at The ND on Saturday. Today, he’s coming by KUTX to record a few songs live for us in Studio 1a and you can listen to them RIGHT HERE!

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