William Tyler at KUTX 8.8.13

William Tyler’s music may primarily feature guitar melodies and no lyrics, but be warned: his songs will make you feel all of the emotions. The guitar prodigy is often compared to John Fahey, and his finger-picking guitar tunes are truly breathtaking, creating melodies so haunting and beautiful that they must be heard to be fully understood. Tyler comes from Nashville, where he grew up grew up surrounded by music – his dad is an accomplished songwriter.

Tyler released “Behold the Spirit” in 2010 to rave reviews, and it was hailed as one of the best solo guitar albums to come out in a decade. His most recent album, 2013’s “Impossible Truth,” is another masterful work of art, featuring Tyler’s signature folky, bluegrass-tinged guitar picking.

William Tyler recently performed live in our very own Studio 1A. Listen to his session on KUTX right here!

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