5-D: “Burger Cheese”

When you’ve got an intense craving for creative writing, sometimes you have to take your lyrics to another dimension. Portland’s Russell Dizer Jr. (RuDi Devino) and Austin’s own Halston Brown (HBZ) have done just that in recent years with their boldest but far from first-ever collaboration, 5-D. Now both entering their second decade in the rap game, HBZ and RuDi initially crossed paths in 2010 shortly before co-founding five-piece hip-hop outfit SubKulture Patriots. In addition, RuDi’s lent his vocals to Retr0Grade and CAPYAC, while HBZ’s been heard alongside Sometimes A Legend and Sip Sip. And in light of some major maturation milestones (with HBZ entering fatherhood and RuDi quitting his day job to focus full-time on music) their uncouth camaraderie and aggressor-meets-slacker chemistry as 5-D continues to make for some infectious free-association tag-team rhyming schemes, heard once again on their third studio single.

5-D’s debut EP will be popping up on your radar in 2020 but you can stack up a combo of vigor, ferocity, seduction and humor right now with “Burger Cheese”!

Jack Anderson

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